rules of survival sniper rifles

Each person has their own playing styles and strategies in Rules of Survival which affects the weapon selection. Each person has their own favorite weapons due to valid reasons. Those who prefer to rush the aggression may use the assault rifles all the time. On the other hand, waiting and sneaking are two major beneficial strategies to survive the battle. This second type of player may take long-ranged weapons, the sniper rifles.

There are six sniper rifles available in the Rules of Survival gameplay including SVD, QBU88, AWM, M110, Barre, and AS VAL. They’re available in selected locations on the map and come with default sights. However, you can still apply advanced sight attachment.

1. SVD

It’s a semi-automatic sniper rifle with moderate-high damage by up to 35 points. It usually equipped with holographic sight appearance, which is not only beautiful but functional. It’s the common rifle used by the players.

2. QBU

It’s the bullpup version of SVD and also comes with holographic sight. You can expect the same damage with SVD as well as other qualities. It also features the semi-automatic firing mode so you can take second shots responsively.

3. AWM

It’s a deadly sniper rifle that delivers high damage with a superb accuracy as it’s also equipped with 4x Scope. As you can take a steady control over your screen, you need one shot to kill the enemy from a long distance. As expected, AWM is pretty rare to find on the map.

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4. M110

It’s the bolt-on sniper rifle with the same range and damage stats to AWM as well as other properties including 4x scope. You’ll find M110 replacing the AWM sniper rifle as you’re playing in the Fearless Fjord Map. Even in such a large map, M110 isn’t available in all areas of the map. They’re available in specific areas on the map.

5. Barret

It’s another bolt-action sniper rifle loaded with 50 calibers, very deadly and destructive. However, you should have a steady hand to engage with this gun especially for the second shot in a very short time.


It’s not an actual sniper rifle as it’s actually an assault rife but loaded with sniper rifle ammo, integrated suppressor, and 4x scope. It works as the closest alternative of the sniper rifles as you’re unable to find one but you can still recognize the sense of assault rifle in AS VAL especially in their control.

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