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There are various weapons available in the Rules of Survival gameplay including melee, machine guns, rifles, shotguns, and so forth. Types of weapon may represent play style while they actually come with different properties. Rifles are the assault guns with heavy damage and suitable for moderate range engagement. Rifles are everybody’s favorite, you can find them across the map while some of them can only be looted in the crates.
There are at least eight rifles in the Rules of Survival which deliver different damage and properties including M4A1, ACR, AR15, AKM, AN94, M249, M14EBR, and AUG. You can gain a lot of free skins to these rifles with rules of survival hack.


You know it. It’s the common assault rifle used in most first-person-shooter games. It’s actually a military-standard rifle with high precision and accuracy in its range. It’s widely available in the map.


It’s actually an M4A1 in the civilian version which has incredible recoil at its class. You may find it in another version, the AR15. You can find this rifle inside the crates instead of the ground.


It’s another civilian version of M4A1 which feature two firing modes. This way, you can set your desired mode based on ongoing aggression. It’s deadly as the ACR and you may find this AR15 more often across the map.


It’s a marksman rifle which features high accuracy and powerful damage. To some extent, it can become an alternative to sniper rifle as it exceeds the term of moderate range. It also features single and burst fire modes while the first mode performs a more accurate engagement. It’s quite rare to loot in the map.


It’s an assault rifle with very high damage but it’s rather hard to control due to a very high recoiling. It features single shot and automatic firing modes, you can stay in the single shot mode to overcome the control issues. AKM is widely available across the map.


It’s another marksman rifle but simply more powerful and damaging than the AN94. It also features the single shot and burst fire modes. If you can’t find any sniper rifles around, M14EBR could be the best alternative as you set into the single shot mode. However, M14EBR is very rare on the map.


It’s another supply crates rifles which feature single shot and automatic firing modes with high damage for sure. It’s one of the most wanted assault rifles in the Rules of Survival gameplay but you should be lucky enough to get one.


It’s actually machine gun in light version and is an exclusive gun with no suitable attachments. It’s pretty rare as you can only find M249 in the crates.

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