rules of survival vehicles car

Rules of Survival gameplay features a huge map with various landscapes and kilometers scale. Vehicles are added to the Rules of Survival gameplay as the long-distance transportation. You can go on foot but it will take more time for sure. With vehicles, you can reach a longer distance faster than on foot. This way, you can reach many spots in the map more effectively and you won’t lose the intensity due to be out of the zone.
There are three major categories of vehicles in Rules of Survival gameplay which you can use to transport different landscapes of the map including land, water, and air vehicles.

Land Vehicles

Land vehicles are those used to transport your player and team on the land. The land vehicles include a bicycle, motorcycle, three-wheeler, sports car, truck, SUV, battle jeep and so forth. Except for the bicycle, these land vehicles are engine-powered, so it’s very natural that they need to be refueled. You should find the fuel barrel across the map as it’s one of the common supplies. If you’re playing team mode larger vehicles like truck, battle jeep, and SUV would be needed while the solo mode allows you to take any types of vehicles you like.

Water Vehicles

In the map, you’ll find the watery landscape which can’t be crossing with land vehicles. In other hands, your position may be too far from bridges or connecting land so you’ll travel a long distance and take a longer time to reach there. Rules of Survival adds speedboat to the game so you can either cross the lake or go through it without shrinking your player. There is also Hovercraft which can work on water and land which becomes an eligible vehicle to straightly cross the water landscape.

Air Vehicles

There is only one air vehicle in the Rules of Survival gameplay by far which is Glider. It allows you to glide over the map but it also means that your player would be exposed to enemies and they can have a clear shot from the tower or even from the lower building towards your player. If it’s not too necessary, you can take land and/or water vehicles instead.

The use of vehicles also improves your play as you can loot various items from different places on the map. It increases your mobility so you can engage aggression in distance or travel the map to find treasures and apply your strategies in Rules of Survival.

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