rules of survival melee weapons

One of the most important elements of the Rules of Survival is, of course, the weapons. Before we get into rifles, snipers, machine guns, or pistol guns, we should realize that the game also features the eligible Melee Weapons. Even though it generates lower damage, perform a very short range attack, and bad in appearances, Melee weapons actually provides benefits to your play in Rules of Survival.

Once you’ve equipped your player with Melee weapons, it can reduce visual audio cues which attracts more enemies to engage the same aggression so you won’t get killed easily. In other hands, running with Melee equipped to your player doesn’t affect the speed unlike other weapons do. There are four Melee weapons in the Rules of Survival tips by far and they come with specific properties. These include the Frying Pan, Crow Bar, Damascus Knife, and Rubber Chicken. Never underestimate Melee weapons in the Rules of Survival gameplay.

1. Frying Pan

The Frying Pan appears similar to the PUBG’s pan but it delivers a valuable performance. The Frying Pan can potentially perform armor-like property by deflecting a bullet beside its use to hit the enemy in front of you. However, it doesn’t actually copy the function as it might only protect partially your body and leave your foot and upper body exposed. So, it doesn’t work to replace the use of armor.

2. Crow Bar

Crow Bar appears similar to the real-world pry bar and performs a powerful attack towards your enemy in the hand-ranged distance. In fact, the crowbar generates the highest damage compared to other Melee weapons. It could be a deadly weapon when you’re clearing the smaller buildings which allows you to face to face with an enemy in the hand-ranged distance.

3. Damascus Knife

Damascus Knife appears as the real-world survival knife which fits the online Rules of Survival mod apk gameplay very well. It looks sharp and tactical while it’s quite effective for short-ranged contact while the supporting weapons aren’t in reaches. Damascus is the fastest Melee weapon in Rules of Survival universe so you can take advantages of its responsiveness too.

4. Rubber Chicken

It appears literally like the actual rubber chicken and provide some armor-like property and boost your movement speed when you equip it to your player. Even though it’s not replacing the actual armor, it can potentially deflect bullets as long as they arrive in its path. It’s actually very fun and a little bit satire to find this toy becomes a weapon in the Rules of Survival gameplay.

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