rules of survival maps

Rules of Survival is a survival game in a battle royale gameplay. It uses a large-scale map with a range of kilometers with varied landscapes. Hundreds of player will parachute into this map, collecting weapons and item, kill each other, and become the last survivor. There are two maps in the Rules of Survival by far, Ghillie Island and Fearless Fiords. These maps have some differences including the size and spawning area while the time and weather actually vary for each round.

Ghillie Island

Ghillie Island is the very first map in the Rules of Survival universe. It’s actually the smaller map than the Fearless Fiord. Ghillie Island can load up to 120 players throughout the map. There are fifteen area sections in the Ghillie Islands where each section has specific landscape and features. These properties will serve those 120 players as the battlefield arena. These sections offer different game experience as you’ll have to deal with different landscapes, loots, and common types.
The spawning area is located in the north part of the Island. At this point, if you’ve done with other sections, you’ll have to go north where the game should end. You can explore these sections with vehicles and get the particular items spread across Ghillie Island map.

Fearless Fiord

Fearless Fiord is the newest and the largest map in Rules of Survival by far. It’s the 8km x 8km map and specifically designed to be a battlefield for 300 players online. Can imagine that? Fearless Fiord not only provides a distinctive game experience but also has reshaped Rules of Survival as the biggest battle royale game by far. It’s three times of PUBG can load and two times of Fortnite. The gameplay gets more intense due to more players and as the map is larger and very distinctive in landscapes and features.
Unlike Ghillie Island which has a fixed spawn area, Fearless Fiord has the dynamic one. Instead of settling it in a certain area of the map, the spawn area of Fearless Fiord may change for each round. So, next time you play Rules of Survival, it might have a different location of spawn area than the last you’ve played on. You need to check the map to ensure the spawn area location. Since it goes differently for each game, you can have a comprehensive experience of the map after several games. If you’re about to start playing Rules of Survival, it’s better to start with Ghillie Island first before Fearless Fiord.

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