rules of survival health

Rules of Survival gameplay provides you with many elements which can improve your play including weapons, equipment, and supplies for sure. One of the most pivotal supplies is, of course, the healing items. It literally provides the healing properties for your recovery as your player get wounded due to aggression. There are five major healing items in Rules of Survival by far including Bandages, Dressing(Med Kits), First Aid Kit, Sports Drink, and Cardio Tonic.


The bandages are the healing item perform the Health Power(HP) restoration by 2 points per bandage, so if you use five bandages you can gain up to 10 points. It appears as an apple texture and it’s suggested to not take too many bandages as there are many more useful healing items in the gameplay.

Dressing(Med Kit)

Dressing or Med Kits are the eligible healing item appears as candy can texture and can provide HP restoration by 50 points with a single use. The healing process is immediate and you can count it more than bandages. If it’s possible to get more Dressing and fewer bandages.

First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit is the most prominent healing item as it can provide full HP restoration with a single use. As expected, First Aid Kit is rarer than the other healing items but it’s not that hard to find them across the map. Load them more so you can have a better chance of engaging aggression through the gameplay for sure. The healing process is quite immediate as well.

Sports Drink

Sports Drink is the versatile healing item as it can restore your HP by 40 points and provides your player with a temporary speed boost. Each Sports Drink can boost the speed of your player for up to two minutes. Every time you need to travel a longer distance in the map, you should consume the sports drink first.

Cardio Tonic

The Cardio Tonic is an improved version of Sports Drink. Each Cardio Tonic restores your player’s HP for up to 75 points and boosts the speed for up to three minutes. However, you can only obtain the Cardio Tonic in Supply crates and you won’t find it anywhere else. As it has a longer duration, you can reach a longer distance when you’re traveling the map. Make sure you have slots for cardiotonic in your backpack. No need of Cardio Tonic if you travel a very short distance, like moving tens of meter as it would waste the resource.

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