rules of survival equipment

With 300 players in the map, Rules of Survival offers very competitive gameplay. Being a survivor isn’t an easy task with such massive and intense aggression. At this point, equipment becomes a pivotal role to improve your play. Despite weapon, the equipment should be the next item you should loot as soon as you’ve landed. The equipment items include Armor, Helmet, and Backpack.  The first two provides you a pivotal functions especially the damage reduction. You shouldn’t engage with any aggression before obtaining these equipment item. They can be found in chests, buildings, or other spots in the map.


Helmets in Rules of Survival are available in three levels, more simple than other battle royal games. It’s very reasonable as Rules of Survival gameplay involves players up to three times of PUBG does. It means the intensity is higher and the competition is very tight. This simple levelling might have objectives to ease the players get an optimum helmet as soon as possible. The higher level of helmets represents higher damage reduction rate.
Level 1 Helmet performs the damage reduction to your player for up to 30 percent. The Level 2 Helmets provide your player with 40% of the damage reduction. The last, Level 3 Helmets absorb up to 55% damage engaged to your player. Your third collecting should provide you with optimum helmets.


Armor in the Rules of Survival also comes in three levels with the same expectation of greater damage reduction for a higher level of Armors. It allows you to get an effective armor faster so it can improve your play without being killed so easily in the early of the game. Linear to Helmets, Armor Level 1, 2, and 3 perform body damage reduction in sequence by 30 percent, 40 percent, and 50 percent. So, if you’ve reached level 3 for your armor, you won’t be dead in the first shot of sniper rifle and it provides you with a greater survival rate.


The backpack doesn’t provide you with damage reduction properties as they’re used to load your items with default storage capacity. It also comes in three levels where the higher level means the higher capacity. Level 1 Backpack increase the storage capacity by 150 points, Level 2 by 200, and Level 3 by 250 points. A greater storage capacity allows you to bring more eligible items which can improve your play. Upgrading these equipment items can only be obtained by looting them.

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