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Rules of Survival has become one of the most popular battle royale games today. It offers competitive gameplay, decent graphics, and awesome game mechanic. If you’ve been playing Rules of Survival for a while but never been the last man standing, there might be things you missed. However, you’re not alone since Rules of Survival is played by millions of people.

If you want to improve your performance in the Rules of Survival, you may check our tips below.

Stay at The Play Zone and Be Alert

Just like other battle royale games, Rules of Survival also features play zone that shrinking over time. You need to be in the play zone all the time to keep playing and avoid the hazardous cloud. It would keep shrinking into the smaller area so you need to be alerted on the next shrinking. The death zone will gradually decrease your HP and kill your shooter eventually.

Headsets Are Helpful

Headsets are surprisingly very helpful during the game especially if you have a decent one. It’s because Rules of Survival is featured with a great and accurate sound works. You can even recognize where the shots come from, footsteps, vehicle engines, and so forth. This way, you can anticipate the coming opponents and/or set an ambush with your squad. You’ll hear details of the environment if you use a headset. Investing in a gaming headset is also advisable whenever possible.

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Considering Emulator or Controller

Rules of Survival share the same issue with other mobile battle royal games, the control. The combination of aiming, moving, and firing is hard to perform in your virtual joystick and context buttons. For more convenient and accurate control, you may consider playing with an emulator. If you don’t need an extra screen, you may consider using an additional controller.

Don’t Be Exposed

The basic tip when playing battle royale games like Rules of Survival is to keep your shooter not exposed especially in an open space on the map. Being exposed is very deadly as your opponent can put a clear aim to your shooter. This will make your player killed instantly. You can either prone, crouch, and hide whenever possible then take a clean shot on other players.

Keep Moving and Looting

You need to keep moving during the gameplay to distract your opponent’s aiming. Most of their shots will miss and you can quickly recognize them so you won’t be killed so soon. On the other hand, it’s important to keep looting supplies whenever possible and you can head to a safe zone. Take the medkits, armor, backpack, helmets, and other supplies. Can you imagine your player has been shot but you have no medkit to restore? Supplies are very important to extend your play. A more progressive playing may improve your winning chance. 

Keep Your Player’s HP

Don’t wait until your player critical before applying the healing items. Rules of Survival offer diverse healing items like a bandage, medkit, and first aid kit. Whenever you get light damage, apply the bandage based on your needs. Intermediate to critical damage can be treated with a medkit or first aid kit. This way, you’ll be ready for a clash in the smaller play zone.

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