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Every player has their own style while playing Rules of Survival. However, there are actually approaches you can apply to deal with the competitive battle royal game. Have a look at our tips on the previous articles and we reveal more below.

Before reading this article you can check the previous part 1 of effective playing tips.

Weaponless Sprint

If you’re sprinting in a significant distance, never equip the weapon to your players. It will simply slow down the speed when you travel from one point to another by running.  Of course, if you’re in a raid or gunfire especially in the early and the end of the game sessions, you need the weapon stands by. However, if you’re a running man, you can reach the destination without any guns assigned. If your player runs at a slow speed, it would be a fresh prey for opponent’s crosshair.

Take The Vehicle

Rules of Survival features a massive map with a scale of kilometers. Once your parachute down to the edge of the map, you need to take the vehicle to transport you through distance. This way, you can reach the next safe zone faster and explore a wider area of the map. If you’re in a squad mode, a vehicle can transport your team without being separated. Besides you can also hit enemies with your car whenever they cross on your path.

Take Advantages of The Scope

It’s highly suggested to anticipate other players in Rules of Survival. Despite using headphones to help your ear, you can also use your weapon scope to have a better visual in distances. It helps you to watch other players from a distance, and if it’s possible, you may also launch a clean shot to their head. Using the scope also allows your player to keep hidden while watching other players.

Be Careful While Looting

Rules of Survival features 300 players in the game. Wherever you land on the map, there are always chances other players looting the same building as you do. At this point, you need to be careful when looting. Whenever you see the door is open or no weapons available in the living, there might be other players. They may also set an ambush and waiting for the right time to take your player down. If it’s clear then you can fully loot the items in a building.

Sniping on The Edge of Circle

Like other battle royale games, Rules of Survival also feature the shrinking play zone.  Players would keep reaching the play zone and there could be hundreds of them. If you’ve managed to a covered spot, you can simply snipe on the edge of the circle. With the scope, you can see other players running to the circle. This kind of player is usually not aware of an ambush as they’re just desperately trying to reach the play zone. They’re your fresh prey.

Choose The Less Busy Server

Rules of Survival have several servers to accommodate diverse regions around the world. A regional server that has millions of active players would be naturally busier. At this point, it’s suggested to choose the less busy server or the ones with a moderate number of players for the best experience. This step will give you a more convenient gaming experience as overloaded servers may down several times in a day.

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