rules of survival consumables

Once you’ve landed on the ground, you’ll need to loot weapons and supplies. There is a range of consumables you can loot in the Rules of Survival. Each of these consumables provides your player with particular effects. They’re basically scattered through the map but you need to ensure having adequate consumable during the game. It’s also suggested to pick the landing location for more effective looting of these consumables.  

It’s important to recognize the consumables in the Rules of Survival so you can use them more effectively during the game sessions.


Bandage appears in a rectangular pack with a red horizontal cross on it. Bandages are abundantly available through the map, especially in buildings. You can restore 10 HP by applying the bandage to your player. It takes around eight seconds for you to apply the bandage. You shouldn’t be moving when applying this consumable and if you do, you’ll start over again for another eight seconds. If your player gets light damage, then a quick bandage application would be the best solution.


Medkit simply stands for the medical kit which is actually the advanced version of the bandage. It’s because a Medkit can restore your HP by 50 points during the game. It’s usually used whenever your player is significantly damaged but not critical. If you use it for light restoration it would be such a waste as Medkit is rarer than a bandage. It appears as common medical kit box with a red cross on it.

First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit is the top-notch healing item in Rules of Survival. A package can completely restore your health power. It’s best used when your player is in a critical condition but not dead yet. First Aid Kit appears in a metal box with a white-red cross symbol in the front. First Aid Kit is certainly rarer than Medkit so it’s better to use it wisely during the game.

Sports Drink

Sports Drink is like an actual power drink in real life. It can gradually restore your health power by 40 points within 120 seconds and increase the running speed of your player. So, don’t be confused if they don’t take effects immediately. Fortunately, you can still move your player during the progress until it takes effects. It appears in a can-packed beverage and is available widely through the map.

Cardio Tonic

Cardio Tonic is simply the advanced version of sports drink which can gradually increase your health power by 75 points within 180 seconds. Despite increasing hp, Cardio Tonic also increases the movement speed of your player in a significant way. It appears like a box of insulin and is certainly rarer than the sports drink. If you’re a runner this an item you should loot in advance.


Vehicles in Rules of Survival consume fuels so you can drive them through distances on the map. It appears as a casual fuel barrel and you can use it to refill the gas tank of your vehicle. Before you on a trip, be sure to have the fuel in stack.

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