rules of survival grenades

Most Rules of Survival players have their own favorite weapons but many of them ignore the presence of grenades and rarely use them. Grenades are actually a weapon you can throw on the other players to either deliver damage and force the hidden opponents to come out. Not only that it’s powerful, but grenades are also truly functional to improve your combat performance in Rules of Survival.

The game actually has different types of grenades with different functions and stats. Let’s check them out so you can use them effectively in the game.

Stun Grenade

This grenade might remind us about Counter Strike’s flashbang but with more advanced features. Stun grenade aims to confuse enemies in extensive gunfire by stunning them. When it takes on effect right after the explosion, your enemy would be freezing. It doesn’t kill them directly but you can take shots on them with hassle-free. The effect is temporary so you need to take them out immediately.

Smoke Grenade

You should have been familiar with this stuff. Smoke Grenade disorients the enemy’s vision by smoking the explosive area. It doesn’t make their blind or frozen but they’ll hardly see you and the surrounded environment. You can use whenever you need a decoy to escape or set a smokey ambush.


Grenade is a typical explosive grenade. It delivers damage through the explosion. The closer enemies to the explosion spot, the higher damage they’ll take. The grenade will even kill your enemies if you throw them accurately. It takes 1-2 seconds to explode after you threw it. Be sure to be outside in the explosion radius or you’ll get damaged by your own grenade.


It’s interesting that Rules of Survival also feature Molotov in the gameplay. If you throw the Molotov and hit the enemies, they constantly take the damage for several seconds until the fire off. If your enemy has less health power, they could die because of the continuous damage generated by the Molotov grenades.

Chicken Grenade

Chicken Grenade is basically an advanced version of Grenade with an extensive explosion radius. Chicken Grenade will deliver more massive damage to your enemies in the larger area. At this point, you may be able to kill several players at once if you manage to accurately throw the chicken grenade.


RPG is classified as a grenade in Rules of Survival even though they come in the form of the casual handy missile launcher. As you might have known, RPG shot a ranged rocket which causes massive damage to the targeted area. This RPG is equipped with a scope so you can have a more accurate shot.

MGL (Multiple Grenade Launcher)

MGL is similar to ROG and is a grenade launcher you can use to shoot grenade in a medium range. This is an eligible grenade to be used in both solo and squad mode but it’s only available in airdrops. Just be careful when looting MGL from the airdrop and be sure the surrounded are is clear.

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