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Rules of Survival is undoubtedly enlivening battle royale game with intense gameplay and interesting game mechanics. Diamonds are the premium currencies in the game used to purchase premium cosmetic items. While there is no way you can enhance the player’s performance, these cosmetic items bring distinctive experience for each player.

Diamonds in Rules of Survival are renowned very hard to get as the similar battle royal games share the same mechanic. The game offers a diamond package through in-app purchases where you can redeem diamonds with real money. However, even though it’s hard, there are actually ways to get free diamonds in Rules of Survival. Check out the guide below.

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Logging in Every Day

Yes, Rules of Survival offers free diamonds for daily login to the game. However, they may come in different forms depending on the current events in Rules of Survival. These include straight bonus diamonds, bonus diamonds, or special offers or discounts on diamond purchases. Even if you don’t have to play today, just take some seconds to log into the game and get your free diamonds. Stay tuned on Rules of Survival events which may offer special bonuses and deals.


If you’re joining Rules of Survival communities or groups, there might be various giveaway including a free diamond giveaway. You may have to complete some tasks set for particular events of the communities. These include joining their scheduled matches, sharing live gaming, and so forth. Depending on the giveaways, a certain amount of diamonds will be transferred to your account whenever you’re successful. Since these giveaways aren’t official, you need to be careful in joining such communities or in choosing particular events to join.

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Stay Tuned on Official Events

Rules of Survival is actually a generous battle royale franchise as it has strong funding and sponsorship behind. As you’ve been playing the game for a while, you can easily notice pop-ups containing special offers, bonuses, and events. These events can reward you with a considerable amount of diamonds. However, each event may have different rules and descriptions, so you need to learn them well to ensure your success in completing particular events.

Top-Up Bonuses

Well, sometimes you may want to top up diamonds and you may get special offers and a range of bonuses. While the top-up is certainly not free but the diamond bonuses are actually free, no additional charge and they’re banked to your ROS account after your purchase or during the checkout. There might be chances where you can redeem a considerable amount of diamonds at a very competitive price. Don’t worry about notification as Rules of Survival will ensure you to know about the latest offers. However, it’s always worth to check your notification.

Despite those in-game methods, some players also try diamond hacking tools for Rules of Survival. However, we don’t recommend you to take this method for a safety and security issue. We may discuss this method next time in another article.

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