Recognizing Consumables in Rules of Survival

rules of survival consumables

Once you’ve landed on the ground, you’ll need to loot weapons and supplies. There is a range of consumables you can loot in the Rules of Survival. Each of these consumables provides your player with particular effects. They’re basically scattered through the map but you need to ensure having adequate consumable during the game. It’s also suggested to pick the landing location for more effective looting of these consumables.   It’s…

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How to Get Free Diamonds in The Rules of Survival

ros rules of survival free diamonds

Rules of Survival is undoubtedly enlivening battle royale game with intense gameplay and interesting game mechanics. Diamonds are the premium currencies in the game used to purchase premium cosmetic items. While there is no way you can enhance the player’s performance, these cosmetic items bring distinctive experience for each player. Diamonds in Rules of Survival are renowned very hard to get as the similar battle royal games share the same…

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