Knowing Your Grenades in Rules of Survival

rules of survival grenades

Most Rules of Survival players have their own favorite weapons but many of them ignore the presence of grenades and rarely use them. Grenades are actually a weapon you can throw on the other players to either deliver damage and force the hidden opponents to come out. Not only that it’s powerful, but grenades are also truly functional to improve your combat performance in Rules of Survival. The game actually…

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Rules of Survival Effective Playing Tips(Part 2)

rules of survival tips2

Every player has their own style while playing Rules of Survival. However, there are actually approaches you can apply to deal with the competitive battle royal game. Have a look at our tips on the previous articles and we reveal more below. Before reading this article you can check the previous part 1 of effective playing tips. Weaponless Sprint If you’re sprinting in a significant distance, never equip the weapon…

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Rules Of Survival Effective Playing Tips(Part 1)

rules of survival tips1

Rules of Survival has become one of the most popular battle royale games today. It offers competitive gameplay, decent graphics, and awesome game mechanic. If you’ve been playing Rules of Survival for a while but never been the last man standing, there might be things you missed. However, you’re not alone since Rules of Survival is played by millions of people. If you want to improve your performance in the…

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Rules of Survival Weapon: Sniper Rifles

rules of survival sniper rifles

Each person has their own playing styles and strategies in Rules of Survival which affects the weapon selection. Each person has their own favorite weapons due to valid reasons. Those who prefer to rush the aggression may use the assault rifles all the time. On the other hand, waiting and sneaking are two major beneficial strategies to survive the battle. This second type of player may take long-ranged weapons, the…

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Recognizing Consumables in Rules of Survival

rules of survival consumables

Once you’ve landed on the ground, you’ll need to loot weapons and supplies. There is a range of consumables you can loot in the Rules of Survival. Each of these consumables provides your player with particular effects. They’re basically scattered through the map but you need to ensure having adequate consumable during the game. It’s also suggested to pick the landing location for more effective looting of these consumables.   It’s…

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How to Get Free Diamonds in The Rules of Survival

ros rules of survival free diamonds

Rules of Survival is undoubtedly enlivening battle royale game with intense gameplay and interesting game mechanics. Diamonds are the premium currencies in the game used to purchase premium cosmetic items. While there is no way you can enhance the player’s performance, these cosmetic items bring distinctive experience for each player. Diamonds in Rules of Survival are renowned very hard to get as the similar battle royal games share the same…

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Rules of Survival Maps

rules of survival maps

Rules of Survival is a survival game in a battle royale gameplay. It uses a large-scale map with a range of kilometers with varied landscapes. Hundreds of player will parachute into this map, collecting weapons and item, kill each other, and become the last survivor. There are two maps in the Rules of Survival by far, Ghillie Island and Fearless Fiords. These maps have some differences including the size and…

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Rules of Survival Weapon: Rifles Edit

rules of survival rifles

There are various weapons available in the Rules of Survival gameplay including melee, machine guns, rifles, shotguns, and so forth. Types of weapon may represent play style while they actually come with different properties. Rifles are the assault guns with heavy damage and suitable for moderate range engagement. Rifles are everybody’s favorite, you can find them across the map while some of them can only be looted in the crates.…

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Rules of Survival Melee Weapons

rules of survival melee weapons

One of the most important elements of the Rules of Survival is, of course, the weapons. Before we get into rifles, snipers, machine guns, or pistol guns, we should realize that the game also features the eligible Melee Weapons. Even though it generates lower damage, perform a very short range attack, and bad in appearances, Melee weapons actually provides benefits to your play in Rules of Survival. Once you’ve equipped…

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Rules of Survival Vehicles

rules of survival vehicles car

Rules of Survival gameplay features a huge map with various landscapes and kilometers scale. Vehicles are added to the Rules of Survival gameplay as the long-distance transportation. You can go on foot but it will take more time for sure. With vehicles, you can reach a longer distance faster than on foot. This way, you can reach many spots in the map more effectively and you won’t lose the intensity…

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